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There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

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Louise Bourgeois
“The Birth” 2007

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Andrey Remnev

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Μίλτος Σταχτούρης

Θέλησα νὰ σοῦ γράψω γιὰ τὶς παλιές μας τὶς χαρὲς
ὅμως ἔχω ξεχάσει νὰ γράφω γιὰ πράγματα

Νὰ μὲ θυμᾶσαι

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Andrey Remnev

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Konstantin Somov
Promenade after Rain 2

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let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem

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Andrey Chernysh

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Rosalie Gascoigne

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And forget not
that the earth delights to feel
your bare feet
and the winds long to play
with your hair.
 Kahlil Gibran,
The Prophet

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Jean-Pierre Cassigneul

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Philip Wilson Steer

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you are in my head now. better than nowhere.

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El Greco

View of Toledo

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Eric Antoine

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